Production services
for online education

We work with creators, schools and businesses to deliver
immersive training and learning experiences

Let us help you keep up

Education is changing

Whether you need to convert a class curriculum to an online learning experience,
produce tutorials for your customers, or create a flagship course to sell online - we can help.


Instructional design

We help you turn your knowledge into well-crafted
learning experiences

Production support

We produce, capture, and edit your course content at the highest industry standards


Test and launch

We work with you to find the right platform for your content, plan and implement a launch strategy

Let's work together

We prefer to be engaged at the beginning of your process, but we can also plug into your process solely as production partners to create and deliver well-crafted content.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Full-service video production

  • Instructional design and platform testing

  • Training and explainer videos

  • Educational content translation and localization

  • Live multi-camera educational event production

  • Interactive multimedia production

  • 360/VR/AR educational experiences

Here are some of the things we cannot help with:

  • Ghostwriting courses

  • E-books, lead magnets, funnels

  • Producing deceitful content

Starting at


Pricing scales with your needs and the duration and extent of our engagement.


Rob Drilea

After spending a decade in video production working primarily on educational content, I realized that most production companies treat educational video as a minor part of business.

I launched Omniversity as an education-first production company to support the sweeping transition to learning online.

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